Things to Do

Nearby features are the Kaçanik Gorge, the Brezovica walking and skiing resort, the Gadime limestone caves, the Kosovo-Ottoman city of Prizren, the church of Letnice (where Mother Theresa received her life calling), the city of Pristina with its historic roots, the medieval castle of Noveberde, the Monastery of Graçanica and the old city of Skopje.  If you just want to stay ‘at home’ there are woodland walks directly from Hangjik.

Hangjik also provides a base to explore Kosovo tradition, history, crafts and cuisine. We can provide tailor-made programmes and introductions to local people who will share their stories.

The local town of Kaçanik offers cafes, shops and a fascinating buzz of activity especially during the evening promenade and at Friday markets.

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